Born in 1954, in south London, David Wingrove gave up a career in banking to return to college, graduating with a First Class Honours degree in English and American literature. It was whilst working on his subsequent doctorate (on the works of Hardy, Lawrence and Golding) that he set about the daunting task of researching and then writing the eight massive novels which, between 1989 and 1997, were published as Chung Kuo.

Aside from the Chung Kuo sequence, he is also author of the Myst trilogy, based on what was, at the time the novels were written, the world’s biggest-selling computer game. In addition he has produced several works of criticism and, with Brian Aldiss, is coauthor of the highly-acclaimed Trillion Year Spree: The History Of Science Fiction – winner of the prestigious Hugo and Locus awards.

Married to scriptwriter and novelist, Susan Oudot, he has four daughters, and lives in north London, where he is currently working on Roads to Moscow, an ambitious time travel trilogy.