CHUNG KUO has been in development for over two decades.

Eight books were published between 1988 and 1998 in 14 different territories to resounding international acclaim. The series has now been recast, remastered, rewritten in 20 volumes, including two new ‘prequel’ volumes and an entirely new ending; there are over 500,000 additional words of new story.

The author, David Wingrove, says ‘this is no Director’s Cut, but a total revision, giving the series the power and breadth of vision it was always meant to have. In Son of Heaven and Daylight on Iron Mountain [Books 1 & 2], I depict a world in the throes of violent change, a world in which all that is now familiar is about to pass. As the two great empires of our age clash there can only be one winner, that victory effectively ending the centuries-long rule of the West. When I began writing In 1988, the idea of a world dominated by China seemed outlandish, but two decades later, CHUNG KUO’s vision of the future seems all too plausible.’

Corvus will be publishing the first volume of CHUNG KUO, Son of Heaven, as a specially bound, signed and numbered collectors’ edition and an ebook on 3 February 2011, Chinese New Year. A general release trade hardback will be published one month later. In late-autumn 2011, Corvus will publish volume 2, Daylight on Iron Mountain, before beginning a sixbook-a-year publication programme in 2012 that will see all remaining 18 volumes available by June 2015.