China Conquers The Universe

Arsenal  simply threw it away last night. A goal up with four minutes to go and they lost 2-1! You cannot imagine how disappointed I was. But Ritchie – who came round after the game - was good company, and a few drinks later I didn’t feel quite so irritated.

I actually wrote the first 1400 words of BURYING THE SMITH yesterday and got a few very good ideas down. The plan is to spend the evening plotting out – choreographing, you might almost call it – the next scene, which is an important one. The Prologue will probably be eight to twelve scenes, and once it’s done I’ll post it. It won’t be the final version – far from it – but it’ll give an idea of what the overall feel is going to be.

Today’s heading was inspired by a piece in the Guardian today about what China is doing in Zimbabwe. Rather brutal, really. The way they treat the native population is pretty appalling. And if anyone still argues that I wrote stereotypes into the Chung Kuo world, then look this stuff up yourself. I didn’t invent it, it exists.

For those elsewhere in the world or who live in the UK but haven’t noticed… we’re having amazingly strong winds. Lorries are being blown over. Trees are falling onto drivers. If our wall hadn’t already fallen down, it probably would have today.

I’m also in the process of getting all of my CDs into my i-tunes library, to then go onto my i-pod. This can be done with incredible ease while I’m, at the same time, trying to begin to put together my sf writing course. As of this moment I have 839 songs on it. And there are  a lot more to go.

The black paper between the mirror breaks my heart that I can’t go…

Just that that was playing just now. Five Brownie points to anyone who can name the source.

More tomorrow,

David Wingrove Tuesday 3rdJanuary 2012

PS: 1078 songs at latest count.