Lost Days

These first days of January always feel like ‘lost’ days to me. After the festivities, energy levels are low, and it’s hard getting back into the mood of things. Even so, this is generally the time of year when I launch out on new projects, begin new books and generally set the agenda for the rest of the year.

This year I’ve spread the net wide. Ideally I’ll have a rough version of my three generational saga AN ENGLISH BOY ready by the year’s end, alongside a draft of BURYING THE SMITH, a final version of KING OF INFINITE SPACE and a shortened summary of ROADS TO MOSCOW, for use with prospective publishers. Now, even if I was doing nothing else, to achieve the above would be hard going, but I’m also developing a workshop on Writing Science Fiction and getting the appendices ready for the new Chung Kuo volumes… and there’ll doubtlessly be quite a few weeks lost to the necessity of actually earning a living. Already, for instance, I’ve a week or two’s work in Cheyne Walk, in Chelsea, down by the Thames. So we’ll see just how things go.

The good news at the start of the year is that SON OF HEAVEN won the SF Books’ science fiction and Fantasy novel of the Year award. It’s a nice way to kick off 2012 and I thank all those who voted. It is – and I’m serious here – the first ever award I’ve received as a writer, so it feels quite special. I’m hoping it’ll help us when we try to sell the sequence abroad, especially in the USA.

Today, Sue and I have our dear friend Ritchie coming round – a bit later on, after the Arsenal game, which is live on TV – for a glass or two of something. Otherwise I’ll be spending a few hours working on the prologue to BURYING THE SMITH. Getting the feel of the work. Setting up the scenario and the landscape I’ll be exploring over the next few years. Taking my first tentative steps into a world I don’t – as yet – know.

And yeah… I’ll be posting early drafts of this on the fan site, courtesy of Matt, who runs it. I’m also going to try and post some relevant photos – to make things a bit more visual. But, as I’ve already said, we’ll see. I aim to push things a bit this year. To get things done. Last year felt more like surviving than pushing ahead, despite the publication of the sequels.

Okay. I’ll keep it brief today. There’s much else to do and… yeah… it’s a bit of a lost day, but I’m going to do something about that right now – at 12.59 GMT.

And again, Happy New Year,

David Wingrove    Monday 2ndJanuary 2012