Which Day Are We On?

Okay. First thing first. What with the social disruptions of the holiday season, I totally lost touch with what precise day it was. Today’s Wednesday. Which means I’ve gained a day (in my head) because I thought that yesterday was Wednesday. Of course, I only had to click on the little icon to the bottom right hand side of my screen and it would have told me, but…

So it’s Wednesday, second day of the school run and it was a bit easier today getting up at an unearthly hour to drive my youngest daughter in to school. There’s a part of me – what I call the Barlow side (I’ll explain sometime) – that simply wants to hibernate for the whole of the Winter. It’s not quite full-blown SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) but some days it comes close. That part of me that’s a workaholic keeps it in check, but I have to admit to it. Imagine… three months in bed, being brought coffees and allowed to read book after book. Yeah, well… it might get a bit boring.

The big item on the news yesterday was, of course, the Stephen Lawrence case. I’m glad those two evil little thugs are going to be locked away. I just hope they get the rest of that gang too eventually. They express a side of human kind I’d prefer didn’t exist, but know does. But the case has changed race relations in this country for the better. No consolation to his mother, but for the rest of us, that alone is a good thing.

Second biggest news was about the Republican Party’s candidate race. All of the pundits are going for Romney now, but I’m still sticking out for Rick Perry making something of a comeback. That said, he well may lose his nerve in the next week and throw the towel in. That would be a huge mistake (for him) as at some stage all of the also-rans will fall out of the race and leave the field clear for a one-on-one challenge to Romney – one which Perry is perfectly capable of winning, especially with the weight of the Anyone But Romney campaigners behind hm. I know most people have written him off, but remember – a week is a long long time in politics. As Newt Gingrich will tell you.

Today’s schedule? I’m going to write a chunk more of the prologue to BURYING THE SMITH, and also the introduction to the SF writing course I’m in the process of developing. And I’ll be adding more music to my on-line library, of course. I’ve put barely a tenth of it on at present. Maybe a lot less. But there’s no rush with that stuff.

More later.

Okay. A satisfying day. Another 1500 words added to the prologue of THE SMITH, and a real sense of where the thing is headed. Some weirdly strange stuff, which even I don’t entirely understand just yet.

They have names. Four of my characters, at least. Tomorrow I write the First Wife’s speech, and introduce yet another character – a hermaphrodite with strange powers, whose sex at any moment depends largely on the balance of the creatures surrounding him (or her).

Yes, and other stuff.

Okay. I’ll return to this after the Man Utd game. 1-0 down to Newcastle right now, and the whole of the second half to play. Oh… 2-0 now!! The final result? 3-0 to Newcastle. Wholly unexpected and totally deserved.

However, the last few hours have been a real pain as our front door locks have stopped functioning. First the Yale lock went and then the Chubb. They keep jamming, and with a daughter due to arrive home sometime in the wee hours (3 or 4 probably) I can see I’m going to have to get up from a deep sleep to go upstairs and let her in (if I can, that is). I’ve already arranged the locksmith to come in early on to sort the problem out, but, with three other flats in this house, all of whose young tenants need to get out to work early, I shall probably be up again at seven to make sure they can get out safely and without too much trouble. Which will ;probably kill me as far as getting any work done tomorrow.

What with the wall, it makes me wonder what next is going to go wrong! They say things come in threes.

Songs now transferred to my i-tunes library? 1717. Previously (on my old computer) I had just over 5100 stored, so we’ve a way to go yet.

Okay. That’s it. I’m going to get a few hours sleep.

David Wingrove   Wednesday 4thJanuary 2012